Under the Sun of the Orishas (2006)

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Under the Sun of the Orishas mural by Joel Bergner


EvanEvan Posted 590 weeks ago.
The 'Orishas' are Afro-Brazilian religious dieties. This outstanding mural by Joel Bergner is located on 24th and Capp streets in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. Joel Bergner is the lead artist and coordinator of Action Ashй!, a project that uses public art to uplift communities, celebrate culture, and explore a variety of local and international social issues. Bergner is also an award-winning mural artist and educator whose work focuses on social justice, culture, and community issues. His huge murals are brightly- colored, intense and detailed, and can be seen in cities across the US and abroad in Brazil, Cape Verde (West Africa), Poland, Cuba, El Salvador and Peru.
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