About Us

We have long loved wandering city streets searching for murals that we saw online and in the media. We found it fascinating to learn about the artists and the stories they told through their murals. It has been and still is an enjoyable quest that requires patience and passion. In our travels, we noticed that street murals have a short lifespan - often damaged, neglected, removed, or repainted. And that, in many cases, our photographs are all that remain.

Galyna, Darryl, and Sergiy

In our search for San Francisco murals we visited many websites and individual web pages that present the city murals, yet we could not find
a central place on the Internet where you'd go for a start to satisfy your mural hunger. When we met with Darryl Smith at the Tenderloin National Forest, he helped us see the need for an online resource. We were inspired. And, the idea for SF Mural Arts - a website where all of these unique murals could be categorized and presented - was born.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to explore and enjoy murals of San Francisco and their artists, but keeping our records current is very challenging. If you would like to contribute to the collection, we'd welcome it very much. Together we can make the collection more informative, more fun, and more accessible to the world.

We will be happy to learn if our collection helps you find out more about San Francisco murals and muralists. Please feel free to send us your feedback about anything you like about the website and its services or anything you would like us to add or to improve. We appreciate your feedback and time.

Happy mural hopping!

Galyna and Sergiy