Vibrant Garage (2010)

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Vibrant Garage mural by Ricardo Richey (Apexer)


EvanEvan Posted 456 weeks ago.
Ricardo Richey has explored abstract letter forms for the past six years. His findings have resulted in site-specific installations and paintings in the form of public murals and exhibitions. This outstanding mural, which I call "Vibrant Garage" (for lack of knowing its real title), is located on a garage in Clarion Alley, a street in San Francisco's Mission District. Known as "APEX" to the graffiti world, Richey has curated the on-going graffiti mural projects on Bluxome Alley and in other parts of San Francisco. Part of the Gestalt Collective, he is also engaged in creating 3-dimensional interpretations of graffiti forms. Ricardo Richey was born in San Francisco in 1978. He is a street artist who creates colorful abstract patterns through the use of spray paint. His work has been shown both in the Bay Area and abroad and he has been featured extensively in documentaries and publications regarding the Mission District in San Francisco.
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