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UntitledUntitled by Kyle Ranson | 20-Jan-2015 02:22:11 PM
(And you guys list it as available but this mural's sadly been gone for a few years now)
UntitledUntitled by Kyle Ranson | 20-Jan-2015 02:21:09 PM
This one was by Kyle Ranson
In Memory of Matty LuvIn Memory of Matty Luv by Chubby | 20-Jan-2015 02:20:12 PM
This mural dedicated to the memory of Matty Luv was painted by Chubby, the bass player from their band Hickey.
UntitledUntitled by Yukako Ezoe, Naoki Onodera | 20-Jan-2015 02:16:53 PM
This one was painted by Naoki Onodera & Yuka Ezoe, though i may be misspelling both of their last names
Clarion DungeonClarion Dungeon by Kenshin Tomoshima | 20-Jan-2015 02:13:45 PM
Hi guys... if you could do me a favor & change my artist name from Ronin Kikuchiyo Tomoshima to just Kenshin Tomoshima? I don't really even go by Ronin anymore and anyhow its just too much of a mouthfull as it is. Thanks!
Bomb condos Not muralsBomb condos Not murals by Kenshin Tomoshima | 20-Jan-2015 02:10:27 PM
This is a mural painted by me (Kenshin Tomoshima) pictured above