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UnknownUnknown by Unknown Artist | 21-May-2015 12:14:15 AM
Nice one, Dave! We walked by and took a photo, but there was a pizza delivery car parked right in front of the mural blocking the view. Thanks for posting.
Tic TacTic Tac by Casey O'Connell | 29-May-2014 11:32:05 PM
Thank you, Dave. Corrected the artist.
Alabama MuralAlabama Mural by Bianca Nardzik | 13-Apr-2014 12:23:43 PM
Nice artwork, corrected the artist. Thanks!
Brotherhood of ManBrotherhood of Man by Anthony Stellon | 25-Nov-2013 01:49:48 AM
Fixed the artist, thanks for posting.
UntitledUntitled by Unknown Artist | 23-Sep-2013 05:41:30 PM
Sweet! Thanks for sharing the find.
UntitledUntitled by Swoon | 23-Oct-2011 05:08:04 PM
So sad this piece has been painted over.
UntitledUntitled by Ivy Jeanne, Julie Murray | 14-Oct-2010 12:47:41 AM
Left: Julie Murray, 1993; right: "Stick It to the Man" by Ivy Jeanne, 2002
UntitledUntitled by Marina Perez-Wong | 26-Jul-2010 02:25:28 AM
Thanks! We found the mural unexpectedly while searching for another one :) The light was perfect, the whole wall was in shade.