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Tic TacTic Tac by Casey O'Connell | 29-May-2014 07:07:55 PM
The artist is Casey O\'Connell.
In Dollar We TrustIn Dollar We Trust by Sama-Sama | 2-May-2014 02:00:48 AM
This mural still exists. It was originally sponsored by Southern Exposure when they were in Project Artaud. When Southern Exposure moved to a new building they took the mural with them. For some reason it is now in the Intersection for the Arts space in the Chronicle building, Mission at 5th.

While tracking down the above I learned that this mural, one at Rainbow Grocery and the one at Le Beau Grocery on Nob Hill were all done by two Indonesian artists as part of SoEx\'s Sama-Sama project. More information here:
Alabama MuralAlabama Mural by Bianca Nardzik | 13-Apr-2014 02:32:57 AM
Hmmm -- thought I typed in the artist. It is Bianca Nardzik.
U T'aan Noj KaajU T'aan Noj Kaaj by Paulina Suarez | 18-Mar-2014 02:59:08 PM
Yup, still there.
UnknownUnknown by Unknown Artist | 13-Mar-2014 07:03:03 PM
This went away, I think sometime in 2013.
Brotherhood of ManBrotherhood of Man by Anthony Stellon | 25-Nov-2013 01:23:36 AM
Oops; thought I entered the artist. As you can see, he was Anthony Stellon.
Homage to SiqueirosHomage to Siqueiros by Chuy Campusano | 9-Sep-2010 04:52:16 PM
The plaque on the opposite wall reads "Mural. Dedicated by the artists to Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. 'We wanted to create a medley of scenes depicting the heritage, life and hopes of the Mission community. The mural is for everybody -- the bank personnel, the people on the other side of the teller counter, and the people walking outside the windows.' Jesus Campusano. Jesus Campusano, chief designer. Luis J. Cortazar, assistant designer. Michael Rios, color coordinator. Emmy Lou Packard, technical advisor. Jaime Carrillo, artist. Candice Ho, artist. Julio Lopez, artist. Anthony Machado, artist. Jack Nevarez, artist. Commissioned by Bank of America for its Mission-23rd Street Office. June 4, 1974."