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Mission Dove Food Chain Torantsin Renace Birds/ Cars Untitled
Mission Dove
by Mona Caron, Minna Eloranta
Shotwell St betw 23rd & 24th
Food Chain
by Brian Barneclo
The Foodsco Grocery, Shotwell St betw 14th & 15th
Torantsin Renace
by Colette Crutcher
16th St at Sanchez
Birds/ Cars
by Rigo
16th and Bryant
by Germs
Bryant St and 21st St
El Inmigrante Generator El Corazon The Market Street Railway  
El Inmigrante
by Joel Bergner
Shotwell St & 23rd St
by Andrew Schoultz, Aaron Noble
Lexington and 18th St
El Corazon
by Unknown Artist
1334 Potrero Ave
The Market Street Railway
by Mona Caron
Church St & 15th St